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Dime Store Whores

We like it sloppy and weird.

Shannon & Boone Shipper Posse
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Apart from the characters of Boone and Shannon none of the members or moderators officially condone incest in any way. Not only does it produce awkward moments at the family Christmas party but it is also damaging to the human gene pool.

Name clarification, the community is called the Shannon & Boone Shipper Posse but the members are Dime Store Whores and is the only semi-derogatory comment allowed on this board since it's considered a term of endearment here.

This is a moderated community so there are a few general rules to be followed but once you complete your 1-2 minute assignment you should be welcomed almost immediately.



  • A) Do n0t \/\/rItE LIKE aN !D!0T. B) Have something in common to talk about other than, "Yeah uhh they're hot." C) Actually read the rules.

  • Posts are limited to the Shannon/Boone Ship and can be theories, fan fiction, fan art, and information about the actors. *This rule does not apply to comments.

  • Treat everyone with respect.

  • Select the link to join here or at the top of this page. You should be accepted within 24 hours. So hop to it whore!